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Love Books

I have saved all of my books that were my best friends as a child. I had hopes that my children, one day, would love them just as much as I did. Ok, didn’t quite work out as planned. I’m not complaining, though. My boys may not be in to Laura Wilder, or Trixie Beldon, or Nancy Drew. BUT, instead, they have introduced me to other beloved characters. Harry Potter, and Eragon just to name a few. I have no regrets. I love that my boys are readers, too!

Love Books_web.jpg..

I used Love Learning by Word Art World.

My Greatest Adventure

Before I became a mom, I had plans on leading an adventurous life. I wanted to be busy, always trying new things, and I wanted to have new experiences. Little did I know, that becoming a mother would be my greatest adventure, an adventure that would last a lifetime. This sweet little face shown below, along with his brother, would lead me on one adventure right after another.  From tree climbing, bug chasing, playing in the mud, to pulling peas out of little noses. I never knew what was going to happen next!


Kit used: Incredi-Kit by Lauri’s Scraps & Designs.

Another layout I did, using Incredi-Kit, uses a photo of Laurie Wilson’s daughter. It must be a universal thing.  Does this little not look like she’s ready to lead you on one big adventure?!


His Perspective

I thought I would try to see life from my 6 year old’s perspective. I wondered what would catch his eye if I gave him a camera? What would he want to capture? So I gave him a little digital camera and sent him out in the back yard. I told him it was his very own. He could take pictures of whatever he wanted to. I didn’t want to hover over him, even though I was curious. So I left him to his own devices and waited until he was done. He came back just a few minutes later and told me it was full. The camera wouldn’t let him take any more. Already? That was fast. So we plugged it in to the computer to see what he had captured. I was anxious to see what had captured his fancy. Maybe a bug? The family dogs? or maybe the stray cats that had adopted us? Or some pictures of his little brother who had followed him around? So, we both impatiently waited for the photos to finish uploading. He was giggling when I kept asking him how he liked taking pictures. The photos finally finished and I opened them up. He burst into laughter. This is what he took. Photos of his silly, goofy mug. The perfect example of life from a 6 year old boy’s perspective.  😀

WA Funny Face_web.jpg

I used Big Shot Word Art by Word Art World, This Is My Year and Going Buggy by Laurie’s Scraps and designs.

My Teddy Bear

My husband has discovered karaoke. And I’ve discovered that he’s good at it.  He looks like a biker and sounds like Elvis. It has been fun watching the reactions of those that hear him for the first time. He often gets requests to sing Elvis songs. Love listening to my biker man sing Kentucky Rain and A Thousand Miles From Nowhere. I think I love him, my Teddy Bear.

Another Lazy Day_web.jpg

I used Another Lazy Day by Ilonka’s Designs.

Going back a ways…

Can you believe they were that little?!  The oldest has now graduated and it’s getting harder and harder to remember the days when they were squabbling over who got to do what first.  This photo was in the early days on a school trip and we were getting used to the changing dynamics in our little group and becoming a blended family.  Fun times!


Kit I used is Sports: Swimming Grab Bag by Laurie’s Scraps & Designs.

Key to the Future

Look who graduated last night!  I am so proud of this one.  She finished off high school strong and has the next few steps in her life figured out.  I’m happy that I was able to shoot her Senior photos.  Love these!  She does hold the key to her future.  🙂


Kit used:  Leave No Door Unopened by Designs by Laura Burger.